clinton takes a whiz on the Tomb of the Unknowns

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Thu Nov 20 12:30:05 MST 1997

At 07:49 AM 11/20/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I also agree that this won't do anything.  Why do you think he's called
>We had a chance to do something last November, but half the people
>stayed home.

They've been staying home for years.

>Nothing will ever happen until a few million people start giving a rip.
>(And it'll take more than Rush's weekly 21 million.)

Most people care.  But that same "most" believe that all of the politicians
are crooks and that it doesn't matter who is in office - they all lie, they
all cheat, they are all in it for themselves.  That's the sentiment.
People believe the same of Rush.

Step back and look.  All I see, whether I watch the news, or whether I
listen to Rush, or whether I read here, is liberals pointing fingers at
conservatives and calling them names, and conservatives pointing fingers at
liberals and calling them names.

Most people just believe that regardless of for whom we vote, we are
electing "just another politician".  Campaigns are nothing but smear
actions.  Promises are broken.  Politicians are always in the news about
being in legal difficulties because of conduct.  People are giving up.

Is that disastrous?  Of course it is.  Goes without saying.  But if we want
to effect a change, we need to come up with a better approach than the one
we're using - because it isn't working.

People know Clinton is a liar.  But what president hasn't lied?  Nixon - I
am not a crook?  Carter?  Reagan - I don't recall?  Bush - read my lips?
They're all liars.  It's just a matter of degree.

We live in a society that is teaching people that the most important thing
to consider is one's wallet.  Isn't that what Bush asked during his
campaign?  Isn't that he warned us about when he debated Clinton - hang on
to your wallets?

My point is simple - the issue of apathy at the polls is very deep and very
complex.  We can point fingers, call names, threaten, rant, rave, all we
want.  It's totally useless.  People see the god of liberalism as lies and
scandal, and they see the god of conservatism as pompousness self
righteousness and money.  They don't like either.  Who would?

I don't know the answer.  People want to see some honesty in Government.
The ticket to that is the vote, but folks see the all of the candidates as
"business as usual".

No immoral or illegal conduct by any politician - of any political
persuasion - surprises anyone anymore.  It's expected.  Politician has
become synonymous with sleaze.

I wish I knew how to reverse the trend, but we all brought this on ourselves.

Stephen Frye

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