Race Panel

Jack Tomsky jtomsky at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Nov 20 17:32:25 MST 1997

John Hope Franklin, the chairman of the Race Panel, refused to
solicit the views of opponents of affirmative action.  He said,

 "The people whom we did invite had something special to say about how
to make universities more diverse than they are.  The people in
California that advocate Proposition 209, for example, are not
addressing the subject of how to make the university more diverse.
Consequently, I'm not certain what (Ward) Connerly, for example, can add
to this discussion."

   Apparently, Dr. Franklin is interested in the diversity on how people
look, but not in the diversity of their ideas.  I don't blame him from
innoculating himself and the committee from the testimony of opponents
of affirmative action.  He might end up as a foe of affirmative action.


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