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Vasos Panagiotopoulos +1-917-287-8087 Bioengineer-Financier wrote:
>         I really have to take exception to those who wish to portray
> Reagan as an ordinary man. He started reading at the age of three. For
> two brothers, sons of a drunk, to both graduate college in those days
> was another indication of unusual intelligence. It is a mistake to
> read Reagan's humility as a mark of ordinariness. The professors who
> left the greatest mark both on their own fields and in my own life
> shared Reagan's unusual humility, kindness and sensitivity to both
> human feelings and truth in general. In fact, my bioengineering
> mentor, the professor who co-edited my field's handbook also shared a
> February birthmonth with Reagan, Washington, Lincoln and even Dan
> Quayle. (Not astrology here, but I tend to think that February being
> the coldest month provides these people with constantly improving
> weather, hence an incredible optimism.) An ordinary man is not one who
> fought off both communism and the mafia from one of the nation's most
> influencial labor unions - and who later used the negotiating skills
> so learned to negotiate communism itself to an intellectually
> vulnerable nakedness - achieving humanity's greatest period of
> democratic advancement with minimal - indeed, almost no - bloodshed.
> (An advance he started by being intellectually consistent and cleaning up
> our backyard in Latin America, where most US presidents were too lazy and or
> cowardly to stand up for their own ideals.)
>         And lastly, I have to say something about Susan Noonan, whose
> comments started this idea of Reagan's ordinariness. The only time I
> ever met Noonan was in the fall of 1990, when those in my company who
> idolised her were sorely disappointed to meet an unusually pompous
> fart - Noonan spent the entire evening posed an angle that would allow
> her to be better photographed should the opportunity arise, even by
> accident. I never before or later met someone who read an entire
> speech, and did an entire question/anser session posed at a 45 degree
> angle just in case a photographer was there!
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Agreed. Also, one might want to pick up Dinesh D'Souza's newest book
"Ronald Reagan:  How an Ordinary Man Became an Extraordinary Leader."

D'Souza does a superb job at "showing how this "ordinary" man was able
to transform the political landscape in a way that made a permamnent
impact on America and the world...."

Remember it was Pres. Reagan who said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down these

And the rest is history!

"The sharpest tool in the shed." -- anonymous

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