"Silent Screams" Drown Out Ken or Ma

Helen editors at TCLQ.ORG
Thu Nov 20 17:09:24 MST 1997

>Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>>     the very real,"silent screams" from those your masters
>> are torturing and killing in the Laogai are still "drowning out"
>> you and your ilk's stateside propaganda.
>   All the propagandas are same, Sir, Why did you hate Communist so?
>because your Propaganda always report their bad things ONLY, in order to
>achive this goal, even concoct.
>>   In closing, I look forward to the day when the Great Chinese people
>> escape the tyranny of the dictatorship of Jiang Zemin and are able
>> to live and enjoy the invaluable norms of freedom.
>  Half of above is right, that is "the Great Chinese people", ....
>  The freedom, the great Chinese people will find it, but not like
>yours, obviously, will be a Chinese style freedom.....
>  Don't angry.

Communism is EVIL, that's why Ken and everyone else, including me, hates
communism so.  Communism oppresses the man; has scant regard for human life
or the quality of that life; has no regard at all for the truth -- every
communist country keeps its people in bondage with a pack a lies (Russia,
China, Romania, Cuba, and on and on); and, would lead all men back into
dark bondage.  Communists kill their own because the state is greater than
man and man is exependable.  Thank God for democracy, republicanism, and
every political system which acknowledge that there is a God and that God
is not the state.

Chinese people will NEVER find freedom in communism; what you all will have
is more Tiananmen.  Speaking the truth is not propaganda; it is shedding
light which needs to be shed that people may grow and think and be free,
not in a "Chinese-style freedom", but in a HUMAN FREEDOM!



I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!

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