"Silent Screams" Drown Out Ken or Ma

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Nov 20 20:01:38 MST 1997

At 08:09 PM 11/20/97 -0400, Helen wrote:
>>Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>>>     the very real,"silent screams" from those your masters
>>> are torturing and killing in the Laogai are still "drowning out"
>>> you and your ilk's stateside propaganda.
>>   All the propagandas are same, Sir, Why did you hate Communist so?
>>because your Propaganda always report their bad things ONLY, in order to
>>achive this goal, even concoct.
>>>   In closing, I look forward to the day when the Great Chinese people
>>> escape the tyranny of the dictatorship of Jiang Zemin and are able
>>> to live and enjoy the invaluable norms of freedom.
>>  Half of above is right, that is "the Great Chinese people", ....
>>  The freedom, the great Chinese people will find it, but not like
>>yours, obviously, will be a Chinese style freedom.....
>>  Don't angry.
>Communism is EVIL, that's why Ken and everyone else, including me, hates
>communism so.  Communism oppresses the man; has scant regard for human life
>or the quality of that life; has no regard at all for the truth -- every
>communist country keeps its people in bondage with a pack a lies (Russia,
>China, Romania, Cuba, and on and on); and, would lead all men back into
>dark bondage.  Communists kill their own because the state is greater than
>man and man is exependable.  Thank God for democracy, republicanism, and
>every political system which acknowledge that there is a God and that God
>is not the state.
>Chinese people will NEVER find freedom in communism; what you all will have
>is more Tiananmen.  Speaking the truth is not propaganda; it is shedding
>light which needs to be shed that people may grow and think and be free,
>not in a "Chinese-style freedom", but in a HUMAN FREEDOM!
>I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!

                        W T G,  G I R L

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