"Silent Screams" Drown Out Ken or Ma

Ma ZhangKai Rongguang.Zhou at SJZ.COL.COM.CN
Thu Nov 20 02:37:27 MST 1997

Ma ZhangKai wrote:
> Communism is EVIL,
  All things that it did are very less than your countries did. Evil,
this words must to be used to call your own country. when your country
doing that, where are you? see lot of money were taken back, again and
again, you eyes are dim - sighted, I think, when you smile approvingly,
China people was falling, one by one......
>that's why Ken and everyone else, including me, hates
> communism so.  Communism oppresses the man; has scant regard for human life
> or the quality of that life; has no regard at all for the truth -- every
> communist country keeps its people in bondage with a pack a lies (Russia,
> China, Romania, Cuba, and on and on); and, would lead all men back into
> dark bondage.  Communists kill their own because the state is greater than
> man and man is exependable.  Thank God for democracy, republicanism, and
> every political system which acknowledge that there is a God and that God
> is not the state.
   Dear Helen, you said this bitingly. some of words that you said are
right. But Do you know the history of China? it was millions times worse
than now the Country ruled by communist, and from the end of 70s, China
opened the gate to the world, China growing better day and day, all of
this, Communist did and do and doing(wrong?), Communist had been taken
our people out from Jiu She Hui(half of colony , half of feudalism, it
is very bad, many west countries made it, included USA,
Russia,......etc.as I said already). it is right, Communist killed own
people, I never don't think to deny that the Communist never make any
mistake, 60s, even 80s Tian An Men. but, who give us a better lives,
Communist! the men who dodged in forign country, in order to attack
their homeland use worst words, all the sincere China people can do one
things only, to discard it(PapaPaul said, he like this kind of guys! I
know, Why did all the west countries loved Qing dynasty, and hated
Communist? this is the reason)! you don't know the Chinese people, we
resign ourself to adversity, but for forign power, we  oppose it for
ever, for this point, you are wrong, you and your country wanted to
change this by your own methods, it is very bad, only one thing that our
people and I can do, deny it, and support Communist to deny it. because
we know,  things that you take to our country always are bad, very bad.
from this, I said that we must find out a fitable system. because, China
has her own culture, great and beautiful, and she will finish this in
future...... I have a dream, and I will to doing this till I die......

> not in a "Chinese-style freedom", but in a HUMAN FREEDOM!
   One day, if I realize my dream, I will say this words to you loudly!
* Rise and fall of country, everyone's responsibility.  *
*                -----A great person in China history   *

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