"Silent Screams" Drown Out Ken or Ma

Ma ZhangKai Rongguang.Zhou at SJZ.COL.COM.CN
Thu Nov 20 02:56:41 MST 1997

Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>PapaPaul wrote:
>         Sorry, Ma XianSheng, you are wrong.  Throughout the
>         Cold War, even to this day, Communist Propagandists
>         in this country told us over and over how Wonderful
>         And Glorious was Chinese and Soviet communism.

   Dear sir, the time as you say, where is the Soviet? do you never read
Your country Propagandists always do this for us, from 1949, very
successful.  In 1989, it said to us, our president Den was dead, in
fact, untill 1997, we just saw the flag of U.N. down half for him. I
didn't 'know' why did it said such thing until now!  :)

>         Enlighten us.  Tell us what your vision of freedom is.
  Now? No! I cann't say it clearly!
  You must waiting for it!  :)

 Regards, Ma ZhangKai, future Theoretician!

* Rise and fall of country, everyone's responsibility.  *
*                -----A great person in China history   *

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