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Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>   All the propagandas are same, Sir . . .

        No, all propagandas are not the same.  They may have similarities,
but they are not the same.  You need many sources, much experience, and much
discernment to discover what is so.  Even then, it is difficult.  Freedom of
access is a big factor.  I have seen that access to open reporting
of information is a big problem in China.  Finding out what is so must be
very hard for you.  American society is more open, but here disinformation
and distortions are also in evidence.

>Half of above is right, that is "the Great Chinese people", ....

        I do not know if the Chinese people are great.  Their numbers are great;
their history is long; their culture is complex; their culinary arts are
developed.  The expression, "Great Chinese people," sounds like cheerleading
to me. It smacks of "propaganda."  Is it so?

>The freedom, the great Chinese people will find it, but not like
>yours, obviously, will be a Chinese style freedom.

        Whatever the style, the common denominator of freedom requires options
and choices.  When I was in China, the young men told me that freedom was
Japanese wife, American life, and Chinese food.  Is this still a wide-spread


Bill White

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