The old fox arieved New York Thursday

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Nov 21 17:39:16 MST 1997

        Ma XianSheng:

        Do you REALLY believe what your government
        and XinHua have told you about Wei JingSheng?


At 08:02 PM 11/20/97 +0800, Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>Ma ZhangKai copied from CND:
>  Sorry! all words in bracketes are wrote by me.
>(4) WEI Jingsheng Arrives at New York City Thursday
>[CND, 11/20/97] Hong Kong TV reported that newly-released WEI Jingsheng
>checked out Detroit Henry Ford Hospital Thursday and flew to New York
>City Thursday afternoon.
>Accompanied by XIAO Qiang, the Executive Director of New York based
>Rights in China (HRC) group, and his sister WEI Shanshan, WEI Jingsheng
>walked out of the hospital and waved hands to TV cameras.  HRC explained
>that Wei's physical condition is actually not as bad as people
>(why? I think our great party already killed him 98% life at least, :):)
>Ma ZhangKai wrote),
>this is because Wei was isolated in Chinese jail and the government did
>not allow him undergo comprehensive medical examination.(this is the
>of the previous sentence, I don't know.:):) Ma ZhangKai wrote)
>Wei et al. arrived at New York La Guardia Airport and received warm
>welcome by some 200 people(200! too many, are you there? Helen, he
>arieved NY is
>earlier than me, If you didn't welcome him, then, if I can arieve NY in
>future, welcome me!:)).
>  WEI Jingsheng said to the crowd in a brief speech: "I
>heard that overseas pro-democracy movement is going downwards, but it
>doesn't look like so judging by the number of people here. There is
>nothing to
>be afraid of even if it's downwards, downwards is the beginning of
>Thank you."(how wonderful it is!)  For the time being, LIU Qing, the
>chairman of HRC and Wei's old friend, will help WEI Jingsheng to start
>his life in New York(Oh, my God, he will live in NY, you can visit him
>at free time, and take my
>mails to give that old fox:), does he cry?).
>Friday morning, the New York City Public Library, on the 42nd Street and
>the 5th Avenue, will make an exception by closing for the day to let WEI
>Jingsheng to host a press conference.(Surely, a beautiful program!)
>In a related news, when Hong Kong Chief Executive TUNG Chee-hwa was
>asked to comment on the release of WEI Jingsheng earlier this week, he
>"it is a good thing to do and I wish Mr. Wei recover from illness
>quickly."(At that time, it can do everything it wanted to do, for
>World Journal reported that Wei indeed entered US under his PRC
>passport.(PRC? strategy? joke? or it have to do this? I don't know.)
>But he was made clear by PRC authority that if he goes back to China
>before the end of his 14 year jail term, he will be put back into prison
>immediately.( don't worry! back to China! how funny it is! I bet this
>old fox never considered this at a bit!)
>In other words, he is not allowed to return to China during his medical
>parole.  Northwest Airline upgraded him and his company to first class
>free of charge when they flew from Beijing to Detroit.
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