new assault weapon

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Nov 21 19:56:50 MST 1997

John, the Arlington story can be read at

The above story was a followup investigation of a
story that first appeared in Army Times.

Mike McCurry did his best to kill the story and
the messengers by attacking "hate radio talk circuit".
Consider his attack to be an attack on the 30 million
listeners or so of Rush, Reagan, etc.

Regards, PapaPaul

At 06:28 PM 11/21/97 -0800, John Michael wrote:
>Here in St Louis there was a story on the local news about
>a robbery of a local 7-11 [I think] convienience store.
>The security camera showed the robber pouring himself
>a large cup of coffee, walking to the counter to pay for it,
>but instead throwing the scalding [170 degree] coffee into
>the face of the cleark.
>As the traumatized clerk was screaming and writhing on the
>floor in pain, the thief then calmly went into the cash
>register and emptied it.
>I suppose we can look forward to a new Crime Bill labelling
>hot coffee as an "assault weapon" and banning same from
>convienience the very least we can expect
>that the maximum temperature be set well below 170 degrees.
>Perhaps implementing a two hour "cooling off" period from
>time of pouring your coffee to approaching the cashier
>to pay for it would be appropriate.
>john v
>BTW, as one who turns of any news program at the sight,
>or sound, of clinton, what exactly did he do relative to
>Arlington Cemetary?

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