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Helen editors at TCLQ.ORG
Sun Nov 23 12:38:35 MST 1997

>Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>  All things that it did are very less than your countries did. Evil,
>this words must to be used to call your own country. when your country
>doing that, where are you? see lot of money were taken back, again and
>again, you eyes are dim - sighted, I think, when you smile approvingly,
>China people was falling, one by one......


Communists have killed more people in Russia and Eastern Europe, China, and
in other countries infected with that disease than any war has. Whilst the
news media and the Clinton administration would like citizens of this
country to turn a blind eye to corruption, many people have not.  Nobody in
this country smiled approvingly when the soldiers of the PRC murdered
Chinese citizens in Tiananmen Square.  Nobody!  People were up in arms
about it.  Nobody smiled at all approvingly earlier on over Mao's purges;
those loony leftists in the media and entertainment may have, but nobody of
conscience or faith did.  If the Chinese people were truly free to learn
what is occurring in China, how long would the communist government last?
Not too long, I'd bet.  If those Chinese in the distant provinces had
access to free and true information, how long would China remain communist?
Not too long.  Freedom and free access to information would destroy Chinese
communism, would lead to another long march, and most likely the sundering
of China into nation states reminiscent of Taiwan.

Whilst  communism may have taken your people out of feudalism-colonialism,
it has replaced those with bondage and servitude.  What's the distance
between the bondage and servitude of communism and the same of feudalism?
It was not the West that made it bad, it was the feudal lords, the
communist dictators, who programmed a people into servitude.  What is worse
than that, ZhangKai? I'm glad that you concede that communism is horrific.
Who gave the people better lives? There you go!  The communist state as god
and giver of all things in the lives of men.  That is WRONG! No man, and
the state is ruled by men, is lord over the lives of men.  That is what
communism does: it sets men as false gods over other men, and give the
state the right to exact worship to these false gods upon pain of death.
Who took the people's lives, energy, creativity, will and twisted it to
serve the ends of a corrupt ideology? Communists and communism.

>   Dear Helen, you said this bitingly. some of words that you said are
>right. But Do you know the history of China? it was millions times worse
>than now the Country ruled by communist, and from the end of 70s, China
>opened the gate to the world, China growing better day and day, all of
>this, Communist did and do and doing(wrong?), Communist had been taken
>our people out from Jiu She Hui(half of colony , half of feudalism, it
>is very bad, many west countries made it, included USA,
>Russia,......etc.as I said already). it is right, Communist killed own
>people, I never don't think to deny that the Communist never make any
>mistake, 60s, even 80s Tian An Men. but, who give us a better lives,

ZhangKai, in China, a man "can't stand up on the river-bank and talk the
river bad".   These men who fled their much-loved country had no other
choice.  Had these people not fled, they would have been imprisoned,
tortured, or murdered; and, many in the West would not have heard of the
horrors the Chinese people are experiencing under a "benevolent" communist
government.  Many would not have heard about the forced labor camps, the
forced abortions, the murder of baby girls, the harvesting of human organs
from political prisoners, all of which are part of the better life that
communism has given the people of China.  Had the men stood on the
river-bank/remained in China and spoken truly, they would have paid with
their lives.  To speak out against brutality and oppression inside China is
to become a victim of it and to die.

>Communist! the men who dodged in forign country, in order to attack
>their homeland use worst words, all the sincere China people can do one
>things only, to discard it(PapaPaul said, he like this kind of guys! I
>know, Why did all the west countries loved Qing dynasty, and hated
>Communist? this is the reason)!

Rather than resigning oneself to oppression by a brutal, corrupt, and
godless state, it is better to fight against it.  Seems that the West
didn't do so badly by Japan and South Korea, now, did it?  Compare the
democracy and freedom of those countries with the oppression of China and
North Korea, both of which are communist.  Sometimes, it pays to learn,
even from a foreigner.  I agree that China must devise a political system
that is good for China; however, I put it to you that unless the communists
are driven out of China -- we know how difficult this is, look at Russia,
sinking back into the belly of the beast -- the people will never have the
*freedom* to explore any other political alternative.  Sorry to disappoint
you, ZhangKai, but, your dream will never be fulfilled under communism.

>you don't know the Chinese people, we
>resign ourself to adversity, but for forign power, we  oppose it for
>ever, for this point, you are wrong, you and your country wanted to
>change this by your own methods, it is very bad, only one thing that our
>people and I can do, deny it, and support Communist to deny it. because
>we know,  things that you take to our country always are bad, very bad.
>from this, I said that we must find out a fitable system. because, China
>has her own culture, great and beautiful, and she will finish this in
>future...... I have a dream, and I will to doing this till I die......
I look forward to the day when the Chinese people have the right to
self-determination; have the right to freedom of worship, freedom of
speech, freedom of association; have to right to vote in free and fair
elections; have the right to an attorney and a trial by a jury of their
peers; and have all the other freedoms that many here in the US are so
eager to set aside.

>   One day, if I realize my dream, I will say this words to you loudly!
>* Rise and fall of country, everyone's responsibility.  *
>*                -----A great person in China history   *


"To live is Christ, and to die is gain."
Live or die, same thing.

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