"Silent Screams" Drown Out Ken or Ma

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Nov 24 03:37:04 MST 1997

At 03:38 PM 11/23/97 -0400, Helen wrote:
>>Ma ZhangKai wrote:
        <<<<<<<<<<<<< S N I P >>>>>>>>>>>>

>>Communist! the men who dodged in forign country, in order to attack
>>their homeland use worst words, all the sincere China people can do one
>>things only, to discard it(PapaPaul said, he like this kind of guys! I
>>know, Why did all the west countries loved Qing dynasty, and hated
>>Communist? this is the reason)!

        Dear Ma XianSheng, Do you REALLY believe that the
        RenMinRBao and XinHua are telling the Chinese
        people the truth and the whole truth about Wei Jing-
        sheng, Wang Dan and the others?  Furthermore, I'm
        sad that you seem to think that Wei and the tyrants
        of the Qing have anything in common.

        I'd like to recommend that you give up one of your
        cherished opinions, the idea that the Western World
        is against China and wants a weak China.  That is
        NOT true.  Helen has said it well.  We hope for a
        FREE China.

        Specifically, what have Wei JingSheng, Wang Dan and
        the others said that you disapprove of?  Have you
        read, for example, "The Courage To Stand Alone" by

        Regards, PapaPaul

        <<<<<<<<<<<<< S N I P >>>>>>>>>>>>

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