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PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Nov 25 13:54:17 MST 1997

WTG, Jim

I wrote a similar protest to them.

No more Hanes underwear for me.


At 11:26 AM 11/25/97 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:
>At 12:25 AM 11/25/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>Those Sara girls are at it again!
>Here's what I sent them on the comment form on their site:
>Today I heard of your act of giving your humanities award to Sara Brady,
>and the gift to the center to prevent handgun violence;  an organization
>that's more concerned with taking away constitutional right to bear arms
>and protect ourselves than putting the criminals away.  In the past I did
>buy some of your products, but after hearing this I will buy none.
>History is full of examples where people have been asked to give up their
>liberties as a solution to some crisis real or imagined.  The problem is
>that giving up our liberties does not make us any safer.  It only serves to
>empower those who would degrade the quality  of our lives.  You can take
>away my right to have a gun, but the criminal who is the real problem won't
>give up his.  In that case I would be virtually defenseless against a
>criminal who violates the gun laws.  Women who are victims of stalkers, and
>other abusive men will have one less tool to defend themselves if Sara
>Brady and her ilk get their way.
>Today a Phoenix man was charged with aggravated assault when he allegedly
>smacked a colleague with a 10,000 page unix manual.  Attorney General Grant
>Woods said the charge was appropriate because he used the abridged version.
> He also said that if the man had used the unabridged version the charge
>would probably be first degree murder.

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