Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Tue Nov 25 18:25:18 MST 1997

I saw Papa Paul's thanksgiving post today and it gave me an idea.  I
thought it would be nice to have a web page dedicated to the people who
make rushtalk such an interesting list to be subscribed to.  I was
wondering what Papa Paul looked like, then I got to thinking about several
others on the list.  What does Helen do for a living?  What about Ma?
Maybe I've missed something but is Ma a man or woman?

Of course it would be strictly voluntary and each person could submit
whatever he/she wanted the rest of us to know about him/her.  I thought of
something like this:

Jim Nantz
I'm 30 years old and work at a grocery store in Jenks Oklahoma.  I attended
Glendale Community College in Glendale Arizona then was unable to complete
my studies.  I made the mistake of leaving paradise (Arizona) to come to
this miserable land of taxes, toll roads, daylight savings time, and chiggers.

Just my $0.02 worth +tax

Today a Phoenix man was charged with aggravated assault when he allegedly
smacked a colleague with a 10,000 page unix manual.  Attorney General Grant
Woods said the charge was appropriate because he used the abridged version.
 He also said that if the man had used the unabridged version the charge
would probably be first degree murder.

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