Gary Freitag gfreitag at GREATBATCH.COM
Wed Nov 26 10:00:59 MST 1997

>I saw Papa Paul's thanksgiving post today and it gave me an idea.  I
>thought it would be nice to have a web page dedicated to the people who
>make rushtalk such an interesting list to be subscribed to.  I was
>wondering what Papa Paul looked like, then I got to thinking about
>others on the list.  What does Helen do for a living?  What about Ma?
>Maybe I've missed something but is Ma a man or woman?

That would be interesting.  You catch a lot of tidbits about people
over time and I know I have been completely wrong about a people's age
and background.  As far as Ma goes, I think depending on the inflection
Ma could be a horse :) (that is if I remember my Chinese correctly.
Otherwise I could be a**!)

Gary Freitag
White male oppressor, age 35.  Wife forced to stay at home with 2 kids
and to cook meals, do laundary, and vacuum (however, she gets to drive
the new car, I get the junker, I clean the bathrooms).  I have a BS and
MS in a male dominated engineering field receiving a salary, no doubt,
40% higher than my female counterpart.  I hail from outside of Buffalo.
 I brew beer.

>Of course it would be strictly voluntary and each person could submit
>whatever he/she wanted the rest of us to know about him/her.  I thought
>something like this:

>Jim Nantz
>I'm 30 years old and work at a grocery store in Jenks Oklahoma.  I
>Glendale Community College in Glendale Arizona then was unable to
>my studies.  I made the mistake of leaving paradise (Arizona) to come to
>this miserable land of taxes, toll roads, daylight savings time, and

>Just my $0.02 worth +tax

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