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Wed Nov 26 11:48:49 MST 1997

        >Of course it would be strictly voluntary and each person could
        >whatever he/she wanted the rest of us to know about him/her.  I
        >of something like this:

        <Jim's snipped>
        <Loved Gary's>

        Hank Stanley
        I am a member of the only remaining group against which it is
still legal to discriminate: heterosexual, Christian, working, white,
males.  I thank God daily that I am old enough to have gotten my basic
education before they decided to improve the school systems, which means
I can read and write well enough to make a living at it.  I transplanted
myself to the Left Coast because the pay is good in my field here (plus,
they are in dire need of all the right-of-center counterbalances they
can get).  My wife slugs me whenever I say I have been married "almost a
quarter of a century" instead of just "23 years."  Kids are grown and,
thankfully, have turned out OK.  Two overindulged German Shepherds.
Main pastime: searching for the country I grew up in.  Still looking
even though I do catch glimpses every now and then.

        O Lord, grant us Revival,
        but if not, then Rapture


        (Conclusions jumped to are entirely self-achieved and
independent of my employer which doesn't need any help in developing its
own hang-ups.)

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