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Ma ZhangKai Rongguang.Zhou at SJZ.COL.COM.CN
Thu Nov 27 08:52:14 MST 1997

Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>Richard Swerdlin wrote:
>           "Seven Years in Tibet" should be seen by Ma.
>           It is interesting to note how China decided to save Tibet from
>   foreign inroads.
>   Cinematically,
>   Richard Swerdlin
>  (swerdlin at gte.net)

   You know, unfortunately, I can't see this film(Brad Pitt in it, its
origianl work is a Nazi, 85 years old), but I know some content of it
a site founded by our dissentes, I agree their view, this film is
   And, I know another film will be fabricated, 'Kundun'(Dir by Martin
Scorsese), I think you will see this film in christmas.
   Richard Gere, Dalai's US prentice, will acting the leading role in a
film named ' the red corner'(I think it is, in Chinese, is Hong Jiao
Luo, let PapaPaul translate it to you please), this film is a wanton
   And, a film about Tian An Men 1989 is in swaddle by HollyWood, its
protagonist may be Tomkelus(I can't spell it correctly), you must see it
in future. I think, like all that films made by HW, a USA will apear
anywhere where is in unfairness in your sight, then, this film is a
newer '007' only. our dissentes said, from this film they remembered
that west journalistes run away from China at 1989, I don't know it is
true or not. :):):)

  Thank you,
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