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> Subject: Re: liberal hatred
> Date: Sunday, November 30, 1997 14:06
> At 07:11 AM 11/30/97 -0700, you wrote:
> >I just heard on CNN that a conservative talk station in Colorado caught
> >fire and burned to the ground yesterday.  I didn't hear if this was
> >or not but if it turns out to be so it would be the ultimate in
> >on the part of the liberal(s) that did it.  Has anyone else heard more
> >about this?
> Ahhh.  So IF it's arson, you have all the facts and KNOW who did it.
> Anyone who can ascertain all the facts just from an incomplete news
> should make himself available to law enforcement.  They often jump to
> unwarranted conclusions - unlike what is happening here!
> Stephen Frye

        I agree with you.

        Over the years, there have been many comments by various
investigators about difficulties in closing arson cases.  While the
burning itself is often fairly easy to establish, the contrary is true
concerning actual conviction of a defendant on an arson charge.

         In the current political climate, there may be premature
conclusions about burnings of churches or other buildings.

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