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On Sat, 29 Nov 1997, Ma ZhangKai wrote:

:-)Ma ZhangKai wrote:
:-)>Richard Swerdlin wrote:
:-)>           "Seven Years in Tibet" should be seen by Ma.
:-)>           It is interesting to note how China decided to save Tibet from
:-)>   foreign inroads.
:-)   You know, unfortunately, I can't see this film(Brad Pitt in it, its
:-)origianl work is a Nazi, 85 years old), but I know some content of it
:-)a site founded by our dissentes, I agree their view, this film is
:-)   And, I know another film will be fabricated, 'Kundun'(Dir by Martin
:-)Scorsese), I think you will see this film in christmas.
:-)   Richard Gere, Dalai's US prentice, will acting the leading role in a
:-)film named ' the red corner'(I think it is, in Chinese, is Hong Jiao
:-)Luo, let PapaPaul translate it to you please), this film is a wanton
:-)   And, a film about Tian An Men 1989 is in swaddle by HollyWood, its
:-)protagonist may be Tomkelus(I can't spell it correctly), you must see it
:-)in future. I think, like all that films made by HW, a USA will apear
:-)anywhere where is in unfairness in your sight, then, this film is a
:-)newer '007' only. our dissentes said, from this film they remembered
:-)that west journalistes run away from China at 1989, I don't know it is
:-)true or not. :):):)


Its been my opinion since high school that most "docu-drama" films
from Hollywood (or most places for that matter) are made to entertain,
and not to inform.  I imagine that most films you see about real life
sujects will be about (just a general opinion, here) 80% dramatization
material, and about 20% documentary material, although they may be
touted as a "true story".  When I see "true story", i begin to doubt
the substance of the movie right there.  Don't believe everything you
read, Ma...or everything you see.

Approach movies, newspapers, and books as you would if you were from
the state of Missouri in the US; have a "show me" attitude not just
about these from the US, but from any other country as well.  I'm sure
that in the US, as in any capitalist country, profit helps determine
the content of any movie.  And some documentaries as well (just saw
one on weather, mentioning "global warming"the other day).

Just my cynical opinion. :)

John B Hammes

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   "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that
   can be counted counts."

....Albert Einstein

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