liberal hatred

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Sun Nov 30 16:43:00 MST 1997

>You could be right.  It might have been a conservative who's angry
>with the station's management for not airing "The Best of Rush" over
>the weekend.  We're all under alot of stress lately. :)
>John Hammes

Or it could be a disgruntled listener who's upset because the station tape
delays Rush and when they interrupt his show they don't pick it up where
they left off.  In Phoenix KFYI will resume Rush's show at the point they
interrupted it.  In contrast KRMG in Tulsa keeps the tape rolling so if
they interrupt his show for 20 minutes that's 20 minutes we don't hear.

Today a Phoenix man was charged with aggravated assault when he allegedly
smacked a colleague with a 10,000 page unix manual.  Attorney General Grant
Woods said the charge was appropriate because he used the abridged version.
 He also said that if the man had used the unabridged version the charge
would probably be first degree murder.

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