Food for Thought 100197

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Oct 2 11:12:02 MDT 1997

Right on, Ken,

We need people in DC who love and fight for individual
freedom with PASSION.  We need the same kind of folk
out here in the provinces, as well.  Otherwise we are
gonna find ourselves living in a Heinlein world and
wondering why government feels like the fist of a
national police thug.

Regards, PapaPaul

At 10:33 AM 10/2/97 -0500, Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:
>"One must fight, if only to have fought
>  according to one's conscience"
>October 1, 1997
>TO HELL WITH WEI JINGSHENG....While our "Prez" renders honors to
>China's President Jiang Zemin in October, Wei Jingsheng, the Andrei
>Sakharov of China will continue to be brutalized by his prison
>guards for having dared to criticize Zemin and his fellow thugs'
>inhumane treatment of the Chines people.
>JAMES CARVILE’S WORST NIGHTMARE..... The start of a “hot line”
>to encourage his “Trailer Park Queens” to call an 800 number to
>report sexual harassment by his boss,"Bill the Innocent."
>WHY IS NEWT SMILING??.... He believes he's selling the
>Balanced(?) Budget as meeting a “Contract” objective.
>their normal "here we go again" reaction to being so
>“snowed” by The Speaker.
>WHY IS BILL SMILING??.......As a “snow job” practitioner
>he appreciates" Newt.
>Watch John McClain in action.
>THE MONKEY ALWAYS HOLDS THE CUP.... but it now appears that the
>"Organ Grinder" decided to ditch the organ and get a bigger cup.
>No problem, Ms. Reno is "tone deaf."
>ON SECOND THOUGHT.... let’s have Mr. Ickes testify.
>So says Senator Fred after being mauled by a massive
>anti-Fred voter reaction to his stopping his campaign fund hearings.
>WHAT “MAGIC KINGDOM?”.......might be asked by the spirit
>of Walt Disney.  Attacks on the family and religion by “Disney”
>media moguls continues unabated.  "Cross dressing" of Mickey
>is next.
>THE LEGACY OF MAYOR DALLY.....continues as the Democrats
>“rob” another election from a GOP un-willing to “go to the mat.”  The
>Dems threaten to shut down the Senate over the investigation of the
>corrupt Louisiana Senate election and Trent Lott once more hurls out
>his now familiar “white flag” and drops the investigation.
>Kenneth E. Wyman

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