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Jim Nantz 98564 at EF.GC.MARICOPA.EDU
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At 12:00 AM 10/1/97 -0600, Dennis wrote:
>I'm a little confused here. Do you mean to imply that Joe is lieing about
>the true numbers of prisoners or is he framing people to boost his count?
>How is he getting convictions for these people if they are not guilty and of
>course this must mean the DA is in on it as well. I musat be
>misunderstanding your point as this just doesn't seem worth the risk Joe and
>the DA would be taking for minimal political gain.

How little you know about Arizona politics. :-)  I'll give you an example
of what I'm talking about.  I know a man in Arizona who was wrongly accused
of stealing a $1.29 bottle of pop.  The owner of the store knew that the
accused was innocent of the charges and wrote a letter to the judge and
prosecutor explaining that the clerk in the store goofed and asked that the
charges be dropped.  By the time the matter was ended the accused was
arrested and put in the county jail overnight.  By the time it all ended he
was forced to pay a $372 fine.  All of this for something he didn't do.

I'm not accusing Joe of framing anyone.  I'm just saying that they'll use
any pretext they can in order to put someone in jail.  The reason for doing
this is to get the count up so they can use these huge numbers when they go
before the legislature and beg for money.  They're more likely to get the
money they want if they can show they've done something with it.
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