Promise Keepers

Helen editors at TCLQ.ORG
Sun Oct 5 15:21:26 MDT 1997

A pity you did not view C-SPAN.  I watched all 6 hours of the rally without
hearing a single word from any of the NAGs. The pre-rally coverage on CBS
was "balanced", there was a NAG there to refute every claim made by the PK
>>I can't help but compare the coverage of the promise keepers event to that
>of one of our favorite psychopaths million man march.  That event was
>covered in it's entirety on CNN; it was billed as a wonderful experience,
>full of hope and worth; and never, ever was a political agenda of any kind
>ever mentioned.  Anyone with a decenting view was poohpoohed by the press
>(if indeed anyone with a differing view was given any TV time).  I hardly
>heard any of the message of the promise keepers on air even tho i did have
>CNN on most of the day (and Foxnews also which SAID they were going to
>carry it but i didn't see any coverage).  Any coverage that was anywhere
>always had someone for NAG there to scream and hollar about what a big, bad
>group of men these were.  I happen to know several men that went to that
>thing and they are lovely men with nice, intellegent wives who would never
>be intimidated by their husbands.  No, the only political agenda that was
>being promoted at this even was that of NAG and the TV comentators.
>>>Brit Hume, appearing on FOX Sunday News, made a good point by saying
>>>that if an event occurs in Wash., DC it *appears* "political" b/c the
>>>town is so secular.
>>>He went on to say that the event is about the vacuum in men's lives.
>>>And that's what I think we need to concentrate on:  the "righteousness"
>>>of the event rather than any perceived threat etc..
>>>There are a lot of things worse that a bunch of guys getting together
>>>and professing to "keep thy nose clean," as Tony Snow so aptly put.


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!

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