Promise Keepers

A. C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Sun Oct 5 21:27:06 MDT 1997

Dennis Putnam wrote:
> At 10:12 AM 10/5/97 -0700, you wrote:
> >Brit Hume, appearing on FOX Sunday News, made a good point by saying
> >that if an event occurs in Wash., DC it *appears* "political" b/c the
> >town is so secular.
> >
> >He went on to say that the event is about the vacuum in men's lives.
> >
> >And that's what I think we need to concentrate on:  the "righteousness"
> >of the event rather than any perceived threat etc..
> >
> >There are a lot of things worse that a bunch of guys getting together
> >and professing to "keep thy nose clean," as Tony Snow so aptly put.
> Except these are mostly white Christian males, the very scourage of the
> earth and the ultimate cause of all the ills of the world today. Women,
> blacks, Jews, Asians, Hispanics, endangered species, clean air, clean water,
> healthy food, the elderly, school children all better watch their backs. The
> only threat that is worse are Republicans.
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I trust you're being sarcastic?


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