the tapes

cbnron cbnron at ADAMS.NET
Mon Oct 6 16:22:50 MDT 1997

At 11:40 AM 10/6/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Don't you find it interesting that although the senate demanded the tapes
>several months ago the President and his staff only now are admitting to
>finding them.  They made the tapes.  They knew they were there.  This looks
>an awful lot like those papers that were missing but turned up later in the
>First family's quarters on the third floor of the white house.
>IMHO in both cases the white house staff and maybe bubba himself went
>through the papers or the tapes, removed anything that would be
>incriminating and the "found" them.
I agree and it's too bad that technology has improved to such a point that
we won't have the infamous 14 minutes of dead tape space anymore to show
that something is rotten in denmark.  Oh well, i guess they would have come
up with some good excuse why the blanks were there anyway and everyone
would have bought it.

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