Hey, ya'll, we've got videos!!

A. C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Tue Oct 7 20:21:25 MDT 1997

......."The newspapers say there are more than 100 people working in
the White House Communications Agency which made these tapes, with
a budget of more than $122 million.  Do they really expect us to
believe that for an entire year, they 'forgot' about these tapes -
or that, out of 44 videos, the audio suddenly failed for 60
seconds, while John Huang was allegedly pitching for money in the
White House in the presence of the President himself?  This isn't
just a high-tech cover-up, it's an insult to the intelligence of
the American people," Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Nicholson charged.......

Interesting point on tonite's ABC News (ABC news reporter Donvan):  this
White House has a habit of "mysteriously" coming up with various key
pieces of evidence -- at the last minute.

Just as in this "political coffee" case, we're made to believe that no
one remembered or even KNEW (Bowles, McClarty and other key aides who
attended have been quoted as saying thatr they "don't remember or had
any reason to remember" that they were being filmed") of the exisiting
videos.  And now, out of the clear blue, these videos APPEAR!

Hmmm...makes me think back to when, not too long ago, something having
to do with the First Lady ALSO mysteriously appeared at the White
House.  Weren't they also looking for that quite a while and only at the
last minute did it show on a table in the WH?

But, *this time* they claim "incompetence."  Kevin, have any good
newspaper clips to share?

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