The Lapps

Fri Oct 10 07:52:04 MDT 1997

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>A Buffalo News article said the IRS were able to get the appropriate
>information through other means and no longer needed the Lapp's to
>supply them with the requested information.  There is still a lean on
>the farm.  Although the IRS did not comment, it would appear as if they
>are going to determine a dollar amount and send out a bill.

>The case went to the district court a while back and the judge sent the
>IRS away with the message that he did not want to see this in court,
>that it would be best if the IRS found some other way of settling the

>What works to the Lapp's advantage is that for years they have declined
>their SS checks, they have most likely given up more money than they
>owe, and they are model citizens.  And underlining the whole issue is
>not taxes (they are not against paying), but how tax and labor laws
>undermine ones ability to remain honest.


Just wondering . . .
Do you suppose the recent hearings publicizing IRS abuses have influenced
the IRS's apparent relaxing of its hard line with the Lapps?

Bill White

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