Gun Makers to Put Child Safety Locks on Guns

Mike Wangsmo wanger at REDHAT.COM
Fri Oct 10 00:49:30 MDT 1997

Your message on: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 23:10:46 PDT
>Anyone know, or have any hunches, why this happened now?  What did WH
>promise them (i.e. gun manufacturers) in return?  Or did these gun co.
>execs wake up one morning thinking, "Hey safety locks are a good idea
>after all....?"

Gun locks are only going to do any good, if the owner chooses to put the lock
on the gun.  Most folks that have a loaded handgun in their house for
self-defense will not be keeping them locked up, that sort of defeats the
purpose of having a firearm ready in an emergency.

>Are they referring to *trigger locks?*

Yes.  It is a bolt that fits through the trigger guard and has a plate on
either side of the trigger that, when locked, prevents any external contact
with the trigger.  That renders the weapon inoperable.


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