The Lapps

Gary Freitag gfreitag at GREATBATCH.COM
Fri Oct 10 10:31:41 MDT 1997

>Just wondering . . .
>Do you suppose the recent hearings publicizing IRS abuses have
>the IRS's apparent relaxing of its hard line with the Lapps?

>Bill White

I've thought the same.  I do not doubt that the publicity has had an
influence, but I feel that it is only temporary until the public eye
gazes somewhere else.

The mindset for the IRS is that the Lapps are breaking the law.  And if
they are allowed to get away with it, everyone will do it; the country
will fall into decadence, and then where will we be?

The Lapp story isn't really about IRS abuses, but about the enforcement
of law.  However, both cases reveal the true motives of the IRS-
collect the money without regard of who suffers.  Through all the
discussions about how government cares and protects people, we need to
remind ourselves that the very nature of tax collection embodies the
opposite ideals.

A few months back there was a story locally about the IRS trying to
collect a $5000 tax bill on a man who won a free concert from VH1 as
part of a contest.  It never occurred to the guy that by accepting the
price, it would mean the loss of his life savings.  What made the story
hit the headlines was that this guy was a quadriplegic and had no means
of income.  Eventually the IRS went away, but only after VH1 stepped
forward and paid the bill.  Now that is care and protection.

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