More on Promise Keepers

Bobke, Daniel C. BOBKE at OHM.COM
Fri Oct 10 15:07:21 MDT 1997

It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't world for the male gender.  If you
bow out on your family, leaving your wife to be a single parent and your kids
without a father, you are pond scum (and rightly so).  But if, God forbid, you
should stand up and make a promise to fulfill the obligations of being a
husband and a father and gather together with other men who will support you in
this promise, you are part of the oppressive patriarchy.

The NAG response was weak.  All I ever heard about was a woman holding up a
sign that said "Why Aren't You Home Mowing Your Lawn?", and a couple of women
who took off their tops trying to get the men in the area to leer and lust
after them.  The men turned their backs....

I believe that the root of the backlash is because this is a Christian
organization.  In their (NAG) minds, Christianity is oppressive to women.  As
my pastor has often said - Women should thank God for Christianity!  How many
of the NAG gals would like to live in the Jewish culture that Christianity
transformed?  How about fundamentalist Islamic society?

The bulk of the rhetoric about PK is coming from liberal "watchdog" groups that
have labeled PK as "the most dangerous right-wing group to date".  I think they
miss the point.....

Dan Bobke

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