Clinton to Honor the "Beast" from China

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Oct 16 01:34:26 MDT 1997

"One must fight, if only to have fought
  according to one's conscience"
October 15, 1997           Huntsville, AL

  President Clinton will host Jiang Zemin, President of China,
next month.

  Who is Jiang Zemin?  His following  “accomplishments” establish
him as a mass killer and torturer of his own people:

     Mr. Jiang began and supervised a human rights crackdown that
            continues to this day. A State Department report says
            it has wiped out the dissident movement.

     Mr. Jiang in his eight years of power before and after
           Mr. Deng's death showed himself at least as beastial
           as his mentor and master.

     Last year, according to Amnesty International, President Jiang's
          police and kangaroo courts ordered a record number of death
          sentences and executions.

     Mr. Jiang is responsible for the establishment of  “Laogai,”
           which stands for "Reform Through Labor," a vast national
           network of more than 1,000 prisons, forced-labor
           factories and detention centers.  Harry Wu, who spent
           19 years in the Laogai stated that its prisoner population
           was six to eight million and that in the 50 years Mr. Jiang
           and his predecessors have run it,  50 million  Chinese have
           suffered in its cells.

     Mr. Clinton will render full state honors to Mr. Jiang in spite of
such an inhuman record of conduct.

     What price, Honor?

     Kenneth E. Wyman

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