Gun Makers to Put Child Safety Locks on Guns

Mike Wangsmo wanger at REDHAT.COM
Thu Oct 16 23:12:25 MDT 1997

>Well, don't forget that it is extremely dangerous (and not
>recommended) to put a trigger lock on a loaded weapon.  Kinda does
>away with the need for having a gun to prevent criminals or to carry
>with you, huh.

I think the responsibility lies with the parental gun owner in preventing
these problems.  I know it is really expecting a lot from parents to
instruct their children about the dangers of loaded guns and all, but I think
it must be done.

I remember when I grew up Dad always had a loaded shotgun out of the gun
cabinet and I also knew how dangerous it was.  Even as a small child, I had a
fear of what my Dad would do if I even so much as acknowledged the mere
presence of that loaded gun without him around.  I also was exposed at a very
early age to hunting, so I had a tremendous amount of respect for what a gun
can do to a living being.

Just my $0.02 worth....


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