Food for Thought -- 101797

Helen editors at TCLQ.ORG
Fri Oct 17 21:12:58 MDT 1997

This one is so good that I must forcibly restrain myself to a chuckle.

First we find out that the POTUS is a fine, upstanding solider whose eyes
are forever right.  Or is it left?  Whatever.

Then this.  What to do? Ah, shucks, why resist?  Everything but temptation
is easy to resist.

"Manure produced methane gas escaping into the air", eh? Gore and co.
should leave the cows alone, they're not the source of the problem.  Am
stunned that millions in this country are still alive given the quantity of
WH generated manure the media has spread from sea to shining sea.  Folks
have become so inured to the manure that, as it piles higher and deeper,
they're saying saying the chief source of the manure is doing a good job
passing it out.  They don't trust his manure, but 59% of the 70+% say they
appreciate the looseness of his bowels.

Ken, thanks for the laugh.

>his ìChicken Littleî environmental groupies are concerned
>about  manure produced methane gas escaping into the air.
>Kenneth E. Wyman


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!

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