Clinton to Honor the "Beast" from China

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Fri Oct 17 22:55:24 MDT 1997


Malice?  No.  Just facing reality brutally.  As a Christian, yes, at times
I should just keep my mouth shut, yet, I have free speech, under the Bill
of Rights to the Constitution of the United States, which makes it possible
for me to speak out against the policies and actions of the government.  To
the extent that my right to speak out is paired with the responsibility to
speak the truth, there is no conflict in terms of Christianity.  I'll be
happily corrected by anyone on this point.

Yes, the electoral process is the only proper means to drive someone out of
power.  Sometimes, though, candidates abuse the process and prevail.  In
this case, the people, whether or not they were fooled, have spoken, the
man in the WH is the man that a majority of the voting minority elected.

Submission is toward God only, ZhangKai, not toward men.  All government
policies which violate God's Word and command are to be fought vigorously,
peacefully, but vigorously.  There is no such thing as accepting the
policies and practices because this is how it is.

For the Chinese government brutality towards and repression of Chinese
Christians, for the Clinton government's silence on the issue and his
willingness to honor such an one as Mr. Jiang, Slick Willie is to be
heartily criticized.

>Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>>Helen wrote:
>> Hasn't it been said that this administration has not met a dictator that it
>> does not like/embrace?  Ken, honor has been a rotten corpse in the WH long
>> before this.
>> >
>> >     Mr. Clinton will render full state honors to Mr. Jiang in spite of
>> >such an inhuman record of conduct.
>> >
>> >     What price, Honor?
>>     Kenneth E. Wyman
>  Whatever, I am not like any kinds of malisones for everyone or every
>bad things,
>and I don't
>believe a veritable Christian like it and be good at to do it. I am not
>a buddhist, but I agree buddhist rule for society, It is very useful for
>anyone. I have been talked buddhism with a Italy man, he very like
>   We must use a correct mothed to treat it, to a downright politician
>we can drive he fall out of his power, to a man take the power through
>ours desire but things he did is not fit our desire, the best mothed is
>abuse ourselves, again and again......
>  What do you think?
>  Ma ZhangKai
>The bad of One curse is more than the good of one thousands of shrift.
>                                                      -----Franciscan


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!

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