AP 'Told' What To Write On Foster Report

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The Washington Weekly
October 20, 1997

Associated Press 'Told' What To Write On Foster Report

Staff Written

More than a week has passed since a court panel released Kenneth Starr's
report on Vince Foster, yet the mainstream media has not mentioned a
single word about the blockbuster Knowlton addendum that tears key parts
of Starr's findings to pieces.

It is almost as if the mainstream press has been told what to write
about the Foster report, and to ignore the dissent of the court panel.
An experience by the witness whose experiences form the basis of the
addendum, Patrick Knowlton, lends some credence to this notion.

On Pittsburgh's Quinn in the Morning show last week, he recounted a
strange experience with a prime representative of the mainstream media:
"We talked to Pete Yost of AP to get him to write about the 20-page
addendum. He told us that would never be the story. The story was going
to be what the motive was."

And indeed, "depression" as a motive for Foster's suicide became the
headline for every mainstream media story on Starr's report. What a

Patrick Knowlton lost his illusion of a free press that day. "I was
quite shocked. I walked away from the Associated Press thinking, well
the press is controlled by somebody because somebody told this guy he
was going to write about this farcical story of suicide due to
depression when the real story was this attachment that counters
everything that's in Starr's report."

Pete Yost never mentioned a word about Knowlton or what he saw in the
park that the court panel found so significant.

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