Zemin's "Paul Joseph Goebbels"

Helen editors at TCLQ.ORG
Mon Oct 20 07:40:43 MDT 1997

Truth standing firmly on two legs, Ken.

>October 19, 1997
>    If the internet had been available to
>Adolph Hitler's Propaganda Minister, Paul
>Josheph Goebbels, he would have used it
>as Jiang Zemin's Ma ZhangKai is attempting
>to use it now on this list.
>    Ma could no more acknowledge his state's
>murder of its students or its genocide in Tibet
>than Goebbels could acknowledge his state's
>slaughter of 6 million Jews.
>    To paraphrase Al Smith, Ma's words are
>like baloney --"No matter how you slice it,
>it's still baloney!"
>Kenneth E. Wyman


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!


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