One of the people of China's declaration to Ken , to Papapaul, to Helen, and another dissidents

Ma ZhangKai rongguang.zhou at SJZ.COL.CO.CN
Mon Oct 20 08:14:36 MDT 1997

>Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:
>     If the internet had been available to
> Adolph Hitler's Propaganda Minister, Paul
> Josheph Goebbels, he would have used it
> as Jiang Zemin's Ma ZhangKai is attempting
> to use it now on this list.
>     Ma could no more acknowledge his state's
> murder of its students or its genocide in Tibet
> than Goebbels could acknowledge his state's
> slaughter of 6 million Jews.
>     To paraphrase Al Smith, Ma's words are
> like baloney --"No matter how you slice it,
> it's still baloney!"
   You are impenetrable, there is a discussion team, not another one
like railer's meeting! you must know this point first, then talk with
   But, I very like to teach you for one lesson, about one hundred years
HISTORY of CHINA's Lesson.
   Before 19 century, China is always one of the best beauful and best
wonderful country of the world. During 18century, U.K. and others west
countries  started to export opium to China, take tea and silver from
China, althrough they know the opium is unwholesome, but they know more
the money is useful. At 1840, China people was
awakening, strated to fight to importer and their opium, LinZeXu, a
topping man for that, he burn a lot of opium capture form that importer
at Hu Men of Guan Dong. but the congress of U.K. passed a law for fight
to China for import opium to China forcibly, they did it with other
seven west countries, they was beated in GuangDong but entered
TianJin,then they open the gate of China forcibly, from TianJin, they
entered Beijing, around the way, they burned, they killed, they robbed,
they raped...... they did all things with evil that the human can do
even the Lucifer never did, at last they entered the Yuan Ming Yuan- the
best beauful park of the world, when they gone away , Yuan ming yuan was
turn into ruins(today, If you come BeiJing, you still can see the
ruins-China's humiliation forever, every Chinese come there or think
this, nobody is not weep!). then they signed <the pact of NianJing> with
Qing dynasty. last, with the signed of a series of pacts, one and
one,again and again, except give west country (and Japan, and Russia)a
lot of amends money(the money turn there country to very rich until
today),  China lose the right of custom, lose the right of salt tax,
lose the right of the judgement,lose HongKong, lose more than one
hundred square mm 's land...... lose all the right of a sovereignty!
from then, we call you "imperialism".

   At 1893, a baby was borned in Shao Shan, Hu Nan province of China, he
is our great Chairman Mao last.he lead Chinese people beat all the
reactionary included U.K., included USA, included all the imperialism
countries. "the people of China was stand up since then", this words was
announced by Chairman Mao on top of Tian An Men at 10/1/1949, the people
of China is always heartened with this words until today, until forever.

   Now, you and the other persons told me what? freedom, democracy,
human rights, what do you know what is that? all this kinds of words you
said was stead to you and your country, that is your country teached
you, because you forbear was said the words since two hundreds years
ago, you could not like to see a strong and beauful and stable and
formidably China, because if she is, you cann't take money from China
easy, you cann't kill Chines citizen easy.....
   Now, you hope our country turn into cleavage, into a war, then you
can take benefit from she, you can sell weapon to she like you sell to
mid east, to TaiWan......even , of course, your biggest dream is let
China back to 19 century.....
   Now, you say our country must build congress like yourself, But,
Doyou know? what is this procedure will take to China? No peace, No
develop, No progress, always the bad, always the bad, always the bad for
China, but the benefit for you.....
   Now, you say that wrods with lofty, but the people of China do not
forget, the people of China do not forget the history, the people of
China do not forget the history of two hundreds humiliation, and who
bring it to China......

   Do not say that again! China has herself way,  if a country has the
best intelligent people of the world, has the best hardworking people of
the world, has the bravest people of the world, she surely can make her
country turn to the best beauful contry of the world , surely......

Ma ZhangKai wrote

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