Zemin's "Paul Joseph Goebbels"

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>Truth standing firmly on two legs, Ken.

Let's not be too harsh with Ma. We really can't know if what we read is what
was written or even if there is really a person with that name. Perhaps
there is a Commie thug looking over his shoulder whenever he communicates.
Perhaps the central computer that monitors all communication leaving China
on the internet is programmed to change whatever is written so all we will
ever get is the nonsense we see. For that matter perhaps what we think is
going into China is being changed to something different as well and Ma is
not seeing what is really being said.

The bottom line is that when a totalitarian government has its boot on the
neck of each and every citizen there is no way for us to trust ANYTHING that
comes from there. Truth and trust have no place in a oppressive,
totalitarian regime.

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