Zemin's "Paul Joseph Goebbels"

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Oct 20 22:40:43 MDT 1997

On 10/20/97 20:57:00 you wrote:
>Let's not be too harsh with Ma. We really can't know if what we read is
what >was written or even if there is really a person with that
>The bottom line is that when a totalitarian government has its boot on the
>neck of each and every citizen there is no way for us to trust ANYTHING
that >comes from there. Truth and trust have no place in a oppressive,
>totalitarian regime.

>Dennis Putnam                   Public Key can be obtained from:
>Loganville, Ga.                 <http://www.ilinks.net/~dap>
        that excellent summation is the reason why
Ma's words do not have the "currency of truth."

     Ergo, over the past 40 years I found that
debating him and those before him has been,
is and will be an exercise in futility.

     In summary,the thugs running his nation's, being
thugs have no viable input to civil discourse except to
continue to alert and warn free men of their inhumane

  Ken Wyman

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