One of the people of China's declaration to Ken,to Papapaul

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Oct 20 22:44:56 MDT 1997

On 10/20/97 23:35:20
>>Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:
>>     If the internet had been available to
>> Adolph Hitler's Propaganda Minister, Paul
>> Josheph Goebbels, he would have used it
>> as Jiang Zemin's Ma ZhangKai is attempting
>> to use it now on this list.
>>     Ma could no more acknowledge his state's
>> murder of its students or its genocide in Tibet
>> than Goebbels could acknowledge his state's
>> slaughter of 6 million Jews.
>>     To paraphrase Al Smith, Ma's words are
>> like baloney --"No matter how you slice it,
>> it's still baloney!"
>  Ken,
>   You are impenetrable, there is a discussion team, not another one
>like railer's meeting! you must know this point first, then talk with
>   But, I very like to teach you for one lesson, about one hundred years
>HISTORY of CHINA's Lesson....................................
>Ma ZhangKai
     I started studying China and its history in 1960
and greatly admire the Chinese people for their culture
and industriousness.

     Yes, they have been "wronged" throughout their
history BUT when Mao arrived amongst them,
he gave "wronged" a new meaning as he and
his cultural revolutionaries(read: thugs) slaughted
tens of millions of them. The educated among them
were murdered for being such.

    Your protestations, not withstanding,
can not hide the fact that they are still
being so treated by the modern Maos.

    Ergo, until that horrendous mis-treatment
stops, civil debate is an oxymoron.

   Ken Wyman

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