Ma ZhangKai rongguang.zhou at SJZ.COL.CO.CN
Mon Oct 20 20:51:06 MDT 1997

  I am not a believer of any religion, but I am interesting at all,
included the Bible, I think it is a great book. let's talk it begin at
<the Genesis>.
  In the book, I read it, but I am lost, In Chap 2, 16th-17th part, the
God said to Adam: you can eat all the fruits in this garden, but the
tree distingushed between good and evil, you cann't eat it, because you
must to be dead at the day you eat it.
  As everyone know, Adam-the forbear of human, he eat it, but always as
everyone know, he is not going to die, he was gone away the Eden with
his wife, and in <the Genesis> Chap 5, 5th part, I read the words means,
Adam was dead at 930, a very long life.
  Why? God's grace? Adam's luck?
  I ask you, a dinkum Christian, hope you can answer me, with a
believable solution.


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