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>Patty wrote:
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>I want to preface my remarks by saying I came in late on what Rush was
>saying.  I hope I heard him correctly.  If not I apologize.
>I just heard Rush say that there is a publication called Capital Style
>that is reporting that if Chief Justice William Renquist retires before
>Clintons term is up, then he will resign and Al Gore will become prez
>and nominate Clinton for Chief Justice. I gather this is only a theory
>He mentioned Mike McCurrys name but I did not hear in what context.
>Did anyone else hear about this from Rush today?  It boggles the mind.
>The First Felon as Chief Justice.

Sounds like nonsense to me, one of Rush's jokes probably. But even if it
were true it would never happen with a Republican Senate. Given the
precedent set by Democrats in the Justice Thomas fiasco it might make
interesting TV. Remember it is not the evidence that is important but the
seriousness of the charge.

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