One of the people of China's declaration to Ken,to Papapaul

Ma ZhangKai rongguang.zhou at SJZ.COL.CO.CN
Tue Oct 21 21:08:34 MDT 1997

Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>      I started studying China and its history in 1960
> and greatly admire the Chinese people for their culture
> and industriousness.
After all your evil was not been paied, and you would not like to
admiting it, you don't say that at best!
>      Yes, they have been "wronged" throughout their
> history BUT when Mao arrived amongst them,
> he gave "wronged" a new meaning as he and
> his cultural revolutionaries(read: thugs) slaughted
> tens of millions of them. The educated among them
> were murdered for being such.

 Yes, I know, I admit it is true, and our country already know and
already to did something to pay, But, It is sorriness that a lot of this
is not payable, the lost time, the lost person......
>     Your protestations, not withstanding,
> can not hide the fact that they are still
> being so treated by the modern Maos.
  As basic knowledge of a west man, don't interfere other man's things,
For a sovereignty, it is same to it. China will disentagnling all the
things by own way by ourselves, and China must have a own way to
progress, certainly, not to be by comunist, but surely not the way or
the system that your country performing now.I don't think the Chinese
comunist is best, but it is better than others.
  Don't worry, Ken.
>     Ergo, until that horrendous mis-treatment
> stops, civil debate is an oxymoron.
  I have been said: freedom is not freely. China innovation must be
performing slowly in proper sequence. I have a view  myselfe's, Any kind
of rule sysetm has a policy to foolish the people. you elected a man as
your leader between two party or the third, after he catch the power of
the country, you and you people begin to abuse him, oppose his policy,
comment he do something is wrong, is harmful for your benefit, a commom
people's benefit, or anothers things, you clamoring, but nobody pay
attention to you...... afer four years, you and you people drive him
fill out of his power, but you must electing again, then all that thing
is beginning again..... what do you think? It is a game only? one of you
already told me: we have a choice after all, but you have not. it is not
a answer, a useless choice is not a choice.
  I hate all kind of false graces, you take one of my two eggs, then
teach me how to share the residual one egg with you, you forbears did
it, they told our people they will give our freedom and democracy, we
believed, then they give our shotes and bulletes and evils, today you
saying to me again.
  Now, Ken, Don't dodge the history, the two hundreds years history,
you can tell me, what is "oxymoron"?

  P.S. By the way, Helen told me the religion was stifled in China, it
is true, because in last two hundreds years, many missionaries came
China, some of them was a tools of invader, they sinned in China is not
less than the army of invader. of course, this is one of the reasons.

Ma ZhangKai

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