OOPPS, there goes another military plane

Helen editors at TCLQ.ORG
Wed Oct 22 19:06:09 MDT 1997

>What is the take of you guys on these military plane crashes?  I just now
>heard a news bulletin that there was a midair collision between an F16 and
>a training jet.  Are there any military planes left?  Is the military
>budget so cut that the planes cannot be maintained?  Of course, a collision
>wouldn't have anything to do with maintenance probably.

Okay, how many of these planes were flown by women who received
gender-based training?  If none, then I'll go to the next question, the one
Carole raised, how much maintenance is done in today's underfunded army.

Sheesh, with all the money he got from communist China, you'd think Slick
would've spent some on the planes.

Hey ZhangKia, there were many Chinese converted to Christianity by the
missionaries way back when.  This is the  90s, how come the communist
government is still using missionaries as an excuse for the suppression of
Christianity?  how come China's own Xu Yongze is persecuted and imprisoned?
He's not a foreign missionary.


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!


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