OOPPS, there goes another military plane

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Wed Oct 22 19:44:35 MDT 1997

>Okay, how many of these planes were flown by women who received
>gender-based training?

What are the specifics of the differences between the training of male
pilots vs. female pilots?

So far, the reports have all been of male pilots, anyway.  Was this just a
red herring?

>If none, then I'll go to the next question, the one
>Carole raised, how much maintenance is done in today's underfunded army.

By how much has the maintenance budget itself been cut?

Having personal experience in the aviation field in the military, I believe
that this problem runs deep.  Far deeper than gender based training and
budget cutting.

Stephen Frye

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