OOPPS, there goes another military plane

cbnron cbnron at ADAMS.NET
Wed Oct 22 23:02:13 MDT 1997

>Having personal experience in the aviation field in the military, I believe
>that this problem runs deep.  Far deeper than gender based training and
>budget cutting.
>Stephen Frye
Well, Steve; i believe that Helen was being facetious (I would have said
that, but i don't know how to spell it) with her gender based training and
I don't have a clue how much the military budget was cut.  I know it was
cut; but i'm too lazy yo look up how much.

Anyway, i really am interested in what you mean by "this problem runs
deep."  How so?  Sorry - the statement was a little too vague for me and
went right over my head.  ;-(
Expand on that, please?

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