Military Affairs/Congress

Richard Swerdlin swerdlin at GTE.NET
Thu Oct 23 10:56:38 MDT 1997

Stephen Frye:

        I was in the USAF in the span 1952-1957.  Even then, there
was no shortage of cutting corners.  It seemed that military personnel
were indeed human.

        Military forces are rightfully under ultimate civil control.  It
not unusual for me to encounter higher ranking officers, who thought
they were above limits imposed on more ordinary beings.

        Amusingly, I recall being dumped on because I was only a
lieutenant, but such unfairness was effectively countered on several
occasions by contacting an interested member of Congress.  I had
no political connections, in the usual sense of the phrase, but seemed
to be fortunate in contacting a legislator, who had some sense of right &
wrong, especially regarding the English used in military regulations.

        The above should not be construed as condoning practically
everything Congress does concerning military affairs.  It merely but
significantly stresses the usefulness of checks & balances.  My own
experiences were not ones worthy of the usual headlines, but they
did play up the various ways in which superiors do things that are
questionable.  These can affect individual military members, but
they calso affect the public pocketbook as well.

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