Global warming

Bobke, Daniel C. BOBKE at OHM.COM
Thu Oct 23 10:12:22 MDT 1997

>At 12:09 PM 10/22/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>Edward Teller wrote a brief article for the WSJ editorial page last week.
>>One of his remarks:
>>"It's wonderful to think that the world is so very wealthy that a single
>>nation - America - can consider spending $100 billion or so each year to
>>address a problem that may not exist - and that, if it does exist,
>>certainly has unknown dimensions."
>I am surprised that a physicist would make such a remark.  I agree, if it
>exists, its dimensions are unknown.  The question I ask - does that mean
>the best choice is to just ignore it?  Talk about burying one's head in the
>Stephen Frye

It is not a matter of ignoring it.  It is a matter of realizing that the earth
has always gone through warming and cooling cycles, that this is a natural
process, and that it is highly arrogant to assume that man has the ability to
alter this phenomenon.  There is nothing but conflicting theories floating
around that say that mankind has caused the globe to warm, no solid evidence,
no proof, nothing.

The major issue here is that the Dumb and Dumber administration want to sell us
down the river to the U.N.'s world government, anticapitalist policies using
scare tactics, misinformation, and outright lies on this issue.  This U.N.
treaty is a scary piece of paper; the impact on American daily life would be
tremendous.  We cannot base policy decisions of this magnitude on flimsy
theories and pseudo-science.

Dan Bobke

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