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Emily Carder carder at MEMPHISONLINE.COM
Thu Oct 23 11:37:40 MDT 1997

        You've nailed it exactly as my son and brothers do.  I appreciate your
answer.  Seems to be the shortest distance between two points anymore is
the path of least resistance, no matter how many bends in the crick.

>Wow - loaded question.  All that you mentioned above is pertinent.  But in
>the last decade or decade and a half it has become very difficult to retain
>good, highly qualified personnel.  These qualifications transcend the
>simple ability to do the job well.  Qualification necessarily implies
>compliance to a military way of life.  It is my experience that qualified
>leadership is lacking, adherence to standards is cursory and has become
>simply a matter of everyone covering their own backsides, and most
>strongly, the military is not allowed to do its job.  The legislative and
>executive branches have their noses and fingers in everything the military
>attempts to do.
>The military for years has suffered from despondence among the qualified
>personnel.  Why not?  There are jobs in civilian sector that will pay high
>salaries for their skills.  It is more often than not the unskilled that
>remain.  Retirement benefits have been slashed and made less and less
>attractive.  Not as many qualified individuals are looking at the military
>as a career.  That often leaves - less than the best - to lead.  There are
>daily fewer and fewer incentives for the ones we want to stay in the
>service.   This must change.  What we don't want is to end up with a
>military service comprised almost entirely of people who are there only
>because they couldn;t succeed elsewhere - and, unfortunately, I believe
>that is the military our congress and president are creating.
>Stephen Frye


Emily Carder

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