Global warming

Gary Freitag gfreitag at GREATBATCH.COM
Thu Oct 23 11:36:47 MDT 1997

Dan writes:

>It is not a matter of ignoring it.  It is a matter of realizing that
>the earth
>has always gone through warming and cooling cycles, that this is a
>process, and that it is highly arrogant to assume that man has the
>ability to
>alter this phenomenon.  There is nothing but conflicting theories
>around that say that mankind has caused the globe to warm, no solid
>no proof, nothing.

When I heard Al Gore suggest a link between el nino and global warming,
it occured to me that the models predicting global warming make no
reference to, or calculate the effects on el nino.  What kind of
accuracy could be expected from models that ignore or are unable to
predict changes in such a significant climatic influence?

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